Presenting our Dry red wines, we are proud to offer some of Iowa’s best dry red wines, made only from 100% Iowa grown grapes,

Price: $15.00


A dark dry red wine with a velvety violet bouquet that leads you to the taste of vanilla, blueberry, currant and plummy smoothness.  (Serve with any beef or spicy Italian dishes.) -CAUTION-made with Missouri Norton grapes.

CYN (dry red wine)

Price: $15.00

A lively dry red wine that is multi-layered with complex fruit of crushed berries and plums. The fruit is enhanced by oak spices, clove, allspice an smoke with a smooth soft finish. (Pairs with juicy Iowa beef steaks or full bodied meat dishes.)

GREATFUL RED (dry red wine)

Price: $14.00

This dry red wine begins with an earthy oaked aroma, flavors of cherry, raspberry and blueberry softly envelope the palate (Pairs well with spicy full flavored meats.)

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SAINT VINCENT (dry red wine)