Presenting our wines, we are sure you will find one or two that will become your favorites.

Our Wines-WHITES

DRY REDS             WHITES                   ROSE-BLUSH-PORTS

Price: $13.00

A light dry white wine that is layered with hints of vanilla, almonds and light honey and a rich smooth and creamy finish. (Pairs well with seafood, pork, chicken and light pastas.)

SEYVAL BLANC  (dry white wine)

Price: $13.00

A light dry white wine with essence of apricot, white peaches, pears and citrus fruit that will draw your palate to new beginnings. This bright crisp wine embraces your mouth and lingers long enough to satisfy your palate. (Pairs well with cheeses, fruit and light meats.)


GENESIS (dry white wine)

Price: $12.00

A  snappy, fresh, citrusy sweet white wine with green apple ,pineapple and pear notes ending with a lingering clean crisp finish. (Pairs well with cheeses, salads, light soups, fish and chicken.)


ESPIRITU (semi-sweet white)

Price: $12.00

A sweet white wine that begins with a slight fruity aroma which reveals a light, sweet pear and fruity taste. (Pairs well with fish, chicken, Asian and spicy foods.)

EDELWEISS (sweet white wine)