Our wines are proudly brought to you by the climates and great soils of the state of Iowa.  While we enjoy wines from all over the globe, we feel that Iowa wines should be made from  Iowa grapes...not juices from California or New  York.  We offer a wide selection our signature dry reds,  dry and sweet whites, our well known blush and a semidry rose.  Finish your wine tasting with a nice ruby or tawny port style wine.  We strive to find that balance between acid, tannin and sweet in all of the wines we produce.  All of our wines are handcrafted  and bottled on site with the fruit coming from our own estate vineyard or from vineyards with in a 30 minute radius of the winery.  We take pride in offering you a true taste of  Iowa wines. 

Two Saints Wines

DRY REDS                                               WHITES                                    ROSE-BLUSH-PORTS

If you love sweet lively white wines, try our new HOLY GRAIL wine.